3rd Overall Prospect Heifer
2016 NWSS
Shown by Nikkels Family

Champion Division 1 % Simmental
2016 IL Beef Expo
Shown by Emma Taylor

Champion Maine Anjou
2016 WIU
Shown by Tyler Hammerlinck

Champion Shorthorn Plus
2016 WIU
Shown by Addy Buffo

Champion Mainetainer Steer & 5th overall
2016 WIU
Shown by Madeline Nightengale

Reserve Mainetainer, 2016 WIU
Reserve Mainetainer, 2016 Michigan Beef Expo
Shown by Jared Seys

Res. Champion Chi
2016 WIU
Shown by Riley Bradshaw

Grand Champion Shorthorn Heifer
2015 National Western Stock Show Junior & Open Show
Shown by Mitchell Hunter

Champion Mainetainer & Supreme Overall
2015 WIU
Shown by Elizabeth Heaton

Champion Market Heifer and Fifth Overall 2015 WIU
Champion Market Heifer 2015 Michigan Beef Expo
Shown by Caleb Seys

Res. Champion % Simmental 2015 WIU
Res. Champion % Simmental 2014 Badger Kickoff Classic
Chamion % Simmental & 3rd Overall Michigan Beef Expo
Champion % Simmental & Grand Overall Donnellson Preview Show
Champ % Simmental & Grand Overall James Flach Memorial Show
Shown by Jared Seys

Champion Shorthorn Plus and 4th Overall
2015 Illinois State Fair
Shown by Korbin Collins
Congrats to this State Fair of West Virginia Champion! Res Champion Chianina Heifer
2014 Fort Worth Stock Show
Shown by Brandon Hagie
  Champion Low Simmental
2013 Illinois State Fair
Shown By Kyle McManus

Grand Champion Low Simmental Heifer
2013 Simmental Junior Nationals
Shown by Lauren Prill
Champion Overall Female
Kansas Beef Expo - Ring A&B
Shown by Brandon Hagie
Champion Shorthorn Heifer
2013 Oklahoma Youth Expo
Christian McGowin
Reserve Maine at Kansas Beef Expo
4th Overall Kansas and Champion Maine at KSU AGR
Res. Maine at Kansas Beef Expo &
4th overall Kansas
Champion Maine KSU AGR

Reserve Maine - VCCP Winter Classic Jackpot Show
Shown by Molly Spohn
Sold on GCC Classic sale as Lot 19

Champion Low Simmy WIU
Reserve Division Illinois State Fair
Shown By Elizabeth Heaton
Champion Shorthorn Plus WIU
Shown by Jacob Tolle
Champion Commercial WIU
Shown by Elizabeth Heaton
Champion Maine WIU and Res. Chi Michigan Beef Expo
Shown by Willie Weis
Champion Shorthorn WIU
Shown by Caleb Seys

3rd overall and Champion Mainetainer U of I
Res. Mainetainer Illinois Beef Expo
Shown by Derek Humphrey

Kansas State AGR show Feb 2012
Maine Anjou Champion and Reserve Champion Heifer
Shown by Madison Loschke
5th verall Heifer, 2012 Oklahoma Beef Expo
Champ Maine, 2012 Kansas State University AGR
Reserve Maine, 2012 Missouri AGR
5th Overall Heifer, 2012 Kansas Beef Expo
Champion Heifer, 2012 Harvey Co Spring Show
Calf Champion, 2011 American Royal
Calf Champion, 2011 NAILE

Champion Shorthorn
2012 Oklahoma Beef Expo Ring B
Shown by Jennifer Bedwell

4th Overall - NECC Classic
ReserveChampion Chi - Missouri AGR
Shown by Ashley Judge
Sold as lot 7 in our fall sale to Cory Thomsen
Reserve Maine Steer 2012 Maine Jr. Nationals
Shown By Kaylee Miller
Champion Shorthorn Houston Stock Show
Shown By Dalton Russell
Reserve Overall 2012 illinois State Fair Jr Show
Champion Mainetainer and 3rd overall 2012 U of I
Shown By Derek Humphrey
Reserve Shorthorn Illinois State Fair
Champion British Bred Market Heifer
Reserve Overall Market Heifer
Shown By Caleb Seys


Champion Maine-Anjou Female
2011 Maine-Anjou Junior Nationals

Reserve Overall Steer
Heart of It All
Shown By Kylie Blanding


Undefeated shorthorn plus
Champion shorthorn plus 2011 Illinois Beef Expo
Champion shorthorn plus 2011 Missouri AGR
Champion shorthorn plus 2011 Tipton March Madness
Champion shorthorn plus 2011 Illinois State Fair Jr. Show

Champion Hereford Hoosier Beef Congress
Champion Maine Fort Worth Jr. Show
Shown By Delaney Klas
Fifth Overall Heifer
2011 Shorthorn Jr. Nationals
Shown By Tyler Humphrey

Champion Angus and 3rd Overall Hoosier Beef Congress
Shown By Catherine Knebel

Reserve Mainetainer Illinois Beef Expo
4th Overall Percentage Simmental 2011 Jr. Nationals
Reserve Overall 2011 Missouri AGR
4th overall 2010 Badger Kickokk Classic
Shown By Caleb Seys

2011 Reserce Mainetainer
Illinois Beef Expo
Shown By Elizabeth Heaton